What are Lumineers and their Benefits?

Mar 01, 2022

Dentists in 22308 use veneers as an option to cover broken and discolored teeth. After using the veneers, the teeth will look pleasing and attractive. Veneers typically come from porcelain, and you will have to visit your dentist multiple times to complete the process.

Lumineers are a different kind of veneer. They also come from porcelain, and they help people get whiter teeth and a better smile. Not all dentists can help you get lumineers’ teeth; they need special training to learn how to install these teeth. Lumineers are thinner and less expensive than traditional veneers. They also require less time to be applied as they do not need to be ground or shaved before using them.

Dentists prefer lumineers to traditional veneers because it allows them to restore the condition of the teeth without needing to scrape a part of the enamel. Lumineers are sometimes even an option over dental crowns or dental bridges.

Benefits of Lumineers

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, lumineers are one of the most affordable treatments that you can get in Burton Dentistry. Some of the other benefits include;

  1. Lumineers are non-invasive: The process of getting lumineers does not require the use of any instrument on your body. You will not even need an anesthetic if you want to get lumineers in Alexandria, VA. The process is quite different from the process of getting traditional veneers. Patients who have received veneers, and even dental crowns, have experienced side effects like pain or tooth sensitivity. However, the process of getting lumineers teeth is effortless and straightforward.

To apply a veneer or crown, the dentist must scrape a part of the enamel. That is important so that the teeth do not appear more prominent than usual and the material can fit properly. Even if the material eventually comes off the teeth, the teeth will remain reduced, making veneers and crowns irreversible. Using lumineers means no need to scrape any part of your teeth’ enamel. The process is reversible and requires no invasiveness.

  1. Getting lumineers do not require temporaries: Before you get veneers, you will first visit your dentist a couple of times. The dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab to create customized veneers. The process is the same with lumineers. However, the difference is that before the impressions are sent to the lab, the dentist will need to scrape part of your enamel if you want to get veneers.

Before the veneers are ready, the dentist will give a set of temporaries to the patient. These temporaries are usually uncomfortable. However, you won’t need any of those if you get lumineers teeth. Lumineers are very thin, and if properly taken care of, they can last for over a decade.

  1. Quick Process: After getting lumineer teeth, you can go back home just immediately without needing any recovery process. Only lumineers can help you achieve this. With veneers and crowns, you might experience pain or tooth sensitivity.
  2. Quick Solution: Lumineers is a fast approach to treating dental issues like broken, cracked, crooked, or discolored teeth. They typically come from porcelain material which makes them resistant to stain. Lumineers are better to whiten the teeth than teeth bleaching and are cost-saving.

If you are not comfortable with your smile, you can certainly work on it. Lumineers are here to help you get the perfect kind of smile that you have always desired. You can start the process of getting lumineers by booking an appointment with a dentist in 22308. it takes only a few meetings before you are through and can receive the lumineers. Finally, lumineers are always a great option because they are reversible and cause little pain.

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