Top 5 Things to Know about Getting a Dental Extraction

Jan 01, 2023

Dental extractions involve removing a tooth entirely from its socket. Getting a tooth extracted does not assume the #1 choice of people choosing to take a day off from work. Dental extractions are not enticing, but dentists around the country extract millions of teeth annually to benefit patient’s dental and overall health. Tooth removal is quick, and patients experience no discomfort from the process. Therefore if the dentist in Alexandria has been rhyming dental extraction tunes, kindly do not panic because there are several reasons why dental professionals suggest tooth extractions to patients.

Instead of worrying about losing a tooth, you find it beneficial to start collecting information on the top five things you must know before getting a tooth extracted. The data will put your mind at ease to help you approach the tooth extraction procedure fearlessly and without anxiety.

Top Five Tips to Know Before Getting Dental Extractions

Extraction Might Be the Sole Option

Dentists are not fans of pulling teeth and will make all efforts to save your natural teeth whenever possible. However, many times removing a tooth is optimal for your oral health. Some conditions that might compel the Alexandria dentist to suggest extractions include periodontal disease, severe decay, malformation, impaction, and damage making the tooth unsalvageable. Occasionally dentists also request tooth removal to make space in your jaw for orthodontics.

Tooth Extractions Are Simple or Complicated

Your unique dental situation determines whether you receive a straightforward or complicated extraction. For example, if you have a visible tooth with a simple issue such as a crack near the top of the crown, you will need a relatively straightforward procedure which the Alexandria dentist completes in about 20 minutes after giving you local anesthesia and loosening the tooth with elevators before removing it from the socket with forceps.

Unfortunately, if you have an impacted tooth or one broken below the gum line, you will need a complicated process because the dentist must make incisions in your gums after numbing them, remove bone, if any, covering the tooth before loosening and extracting the impacted tooth. In addition, you will likely receive sutures in the surgical site and instructions for the after-care following the extraction process.

Before Extraction Prepare to Share Information

After suggesting dental extractions in Alexandria, expect the dentist from the practice to inquire about your medical history but do not hesitate to share it with them. Although tooth removals are safe, the dentist asks about your health to ensure you are not susceptible to infections because of health complications. For example, dentists try to understand whether you have congenital heart defects, immune system disorders, liver disease, et cetera. Occasionally they might recommend taking antibiotics before your appointment for the extraction to reduce the risk of infection.

Expect the dentist to take x-rays to help determine the best approach to remove your tooth. In addition, you will likely receive instructions to arrange transportation to and from the dental clinic tooth extractions after your process.

Your Mouth Is Numbed for the Removal

Whether you are undergoing dental extraction for a visible or impacted tooth, do not expect the dental team to hold you down forcefully on the dentist’s chair while the dentist pulls your tooth out without numbing your mouth. These are scenes exclusively reserved for television and movies for entertainment purposes.

Dentists are humans and will ensure you experience no discomfort during the tooth removal by giving you the appropriate anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth soon after you arrive at the dental clinic. Depending on the severity of your procedure, you will receive local anesthesia in the mouth besides mild, moderate, or deep sedation to numb your gums, jawbone, and tooth before proceeding with the removal. After removing the tooth or teeth, the dentist cleans the empty socket and packs it with gauze to help prevent bleeding and aid blood clot formation.

Following After-Care Instructions Essential

The Alexandria dentist provides a list of after-care instructions for you to follow after tooth removal, whether straightforward or surgical. You must adhere to the dentist’s guidelines to ensure you don’t develop unpleasant issues like a dry socket in the extraction site and recover without complications in one or several weeks, depending on the severity of your extraction.

Depending on the tooth extracted from your mouth, the dentist might suggest different replacement options, including dentures, bridges, or implants. You can decide which option best suits your needs to get a replacement for the missing tooth if needed after you recover from the extraction.

Burton Dentistry performs numerous straightforward and surgical extraction on many patients providing them with the tips mentioned in this article and completing the procedure using non-invasive techniques. If you must have a tooth or two removed, kindly consult this dental practice in Alexandria to complete the removal and recover quickly without complications.

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