Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Alexandria

Having your wisdom teeth removed sounds scary, but at Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, there’s no need for worry. Our team of dental professionals makes sure that you get the best care when having your wisdom teeth out.

Wisdom tooth removal is a common dental procedure. Wisdom teeth tend to come in impacted or blocked by other teeth. They may also crowd other teeth or even fail to erupt all the way through the gums. Wisdom tooth removal is an outpatient procedure. The process isn’t complicated, but there are several steps to it.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Burton Dentistry

  • Our dental professionals numb the tooth and oral tissues surrounding the tooth. For most people, this is actually the only uncomfortable part of the procedure. All nerves, including the tooth root, are completely anesthetized.
  • Next, additional x-rays will be taken to make sure nothing has changed from your initial visit.
  • Our dental surgeon makes incisions into the gum to get to the tooth in question. It’s not uncommon for wisdom teeth to be partially encased in bone, which is removed with a small high-speed drill.
  • Connective tissues are removed from the wisdom teeth.
  • A tool called an elevator is used to lift the wisdom tooth from its socket.
  • If necessary, stitches are placed to help the tissue grow back together. This stitching isn’t always necessary.


The first 12 to 24 hours after you have your wisdom teeth removed are critical. Blood clots will form inside the tooth sockets, thickening and forming a protective shield over the exposed nerves. Keeping these blood clots intact will keep dry sockets from forming. Dry sockets hurt a lot. It’s absolutely essential to keep them from forming. Although they are not life-threatening by any means, the pain from a dry socket is significant.

For 24 hours after having your wisdom teeth extracted at Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, do the following, and a dry socket won’t be in your future.

  • Do not suck through a straw and don’t smoke. Sucking action can dislodge blood clots easily.
  • Clean your mouth with a mild saltwater solution with slow, gentle swishing, without any vigorous swishing.
  • Eat very soft foods like yogurt, pudding or broth. Don’t eat very cold or hot foods. Don’t eat crunchy foods.
  • Get complete rest for at least 12 hours in bed. A full day in bed is ideal. If you must be up and around, avoid bending over and do not lift anything heavier than a paperback.
  • Keep an eye on your bleeding.

Wisdom tooth removal doesn’t have to be scary. Call us today at Burton Dentistry in Alexandria to book your appointment today.

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