Restorative Dentistry in Alexandria, VA

At Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, we practice restorative dentistry every day. Restorative dentistry is a method of managing your oral health and restoring the overall function and form of your dental structure. Even though this practice is not considered to be a specialization in the field of dentistry, it is important you choose a dentist experienced in the various procedures and processes involved in restorative dentistry.

Of course, it all depends on how serious the condition of your oral health is, and what needs to be done to fix it. Additionally, most of the procedures involved in restorative dentistry fall under the field of prosthodontic dentistry as well. For instance, procedures involving veneers, crowns, filling, bridges, and partial or full dentures commonly fall within the category of restorative dentistry.

Are You Missing Teeth?

If you’re missing teeth, restorative dentistry is something to consider. Often used interchangeably with the term prosthodontic dentistry, restorative dentistry is meant to preserve your natural teeth if possible. Also, by replacing a missing tooth using dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures, you’re effectively increasing the lifespan of all the teeth surrounding the affected area. Plus, filling in the gaps in your jawline can help to prevent cavities and other more serious conditions.

Restoring Your Teeth

When strategizing about restoring your smile, it’s important to remember that budget plays a large role in the outcome of your efforts. After all, there are many procedures which can add to the aesthetic appeal of your smile, while giving you the feeling of your natural bite. However, where some procedures, such as braces, are semi-permanent, others, like veneers and dental implants are more permanent.

Furthermore, considering the extent to which you want to restore your teeth is not the only thing to consider. Cost is a major factor when thinking about restoring your smile. At Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, we are willing to discuss the option which is most affordable for you. You might feel you only need a few crowns to breathe life back into your smile. Alternatively, maybe you have the means and the motive for an entirely new mouthful of teeth. Come in and we can talk about all your options regarding restorative dentistry.

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