Periodontics in Alexandria, VA

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. At this point, professional teeth cleaning may cure the condition. During this visit, your dentist in Alexandria, VA, or your hygienist may offer some advice on how to improve your daily oral hygiene habits.

Periodontal Treatment in Alexandria

If the inflammation had advanced beyond the initial stage, typically the first treatment course is scaling and root planing. This is a special deep cleaning done over several visits, depending on the severity of your case.

  • Scaling: Removes plaque and tartar far below the gumline.
  • Root Planing: Smooths the root and helps the gum reattach to the tooth.

Your dentist may prescribe medicines to help control infection and manage pain. You may be given a mouth rinse, pills, or medication may be applied directly into the periodontal pocket after the treatment.

Periodontal Surgery at Burton Dentistry

For some cases, scaling and root planing alone are not enough to manage periodontal disease. If an insufficient amount of healing is achieved in the pockets after treatment, surgery may be the next step.

Periodontal surgery in Alexandria allows your dentist to remove plaque and tartar from the deepest areas. Afterward, the gums will be tightly stitched into place.

It is possible to manage gum disease, but the condition will not go away on its own. It is crucial for you to keep on top of your dental care schedule. Regularly scheduled cleanings after gum disease treatment are standard periodontal maintenance care. These types of dental cleanings are more in-depth than normal cleanings. Periodontal maintenance ensures the level of plaque bacteria remains lower. This allows the inflammation to improve and gum pockets to shrink. The result is healthier gums and teeth.

Regular Dental Care

Once your periodontal disease is brought under control with treatment, it is very important that you get regular dental care on a routine basis. This will give a better chance of keeping your teeth for life. If not, your gum disease may get worse!

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