Pediatric Dentistry in Alexandria, VA

Pedodontics, or pediatric dentistry, is a specialty field within dentistry with the focus on primary and comprehensive care for babies, young children and adolescents. A dentist with this specialty completed 2-3 years of additional education and training to become licensed to practice in pedodontics.

The doctors and the oral healthcare professionals of Burton Dentistry, located near you in Alexandria, want to educate their patients (really, their patient’s parents) on the specialty field of pediatric dentistry.

General Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry

A pedodontist is to dentistry as a pediatrician is to the medical field. A dentist with the licensure in pediatric dentistry is trained in the complex and the specific dental needs of young people. These specialty needs include:

  • infant oral exams
  • relaxation techniques and medications
  • special counseling on nutrition
  • emergency dental care
  • space management in the premature loss of a primary tooth
  • discouragement of thumb sucking through methods and/or appliances

The Office Environment

The equipment used during the exams of babies and children, and the products distributed after the exam, are designed for little mouths. There are different tactics used for getting children to learn to brush their teeth by the use of featured characters to keep the children entertained and interested.

The office décor is bright, welcoming and incorporates engaging murals. Games, a fish tank, magazines and puzzles specific to kids play an important role in reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

Alleviating Fears and Anxiety

The alleviation of fear and anxiety begins at home. Below are helpful tips in working with your child prior to the appointment that work in conjunction with the dental staff.

  • Talk About It – Talk to the child about their upcoming experience without sounding anxious. Children play off the anxieties of the parents. Conversations that are open and positive will have the child look forward to a new experience without any unanswered questions.
  • Use Kid-Friendly Language –When having this conversation, avoid using words like “needle” or “drill.” The professionals at a pediatric dental office use other words for these instruments.
  • Welcome and Encourage Questions –All children above Age 3 are inquisitive, and this should be encouraged. It will be helpful for you and the child to view the dentist’s website where photos of other children will be seen. Knowledge reduces fear and uncertainty.
  • Books on Dental Visits –There are many children’s books on dental visits. Again, pictures of an office and of other children are very helpful.
  • Bring a Favorite Toy – Young children will appreciate and find comfort in having their favorite toy as a companion.

If you would like a consultation in pediatric dentistry or for instructions in preparing your child for the first appointment, then please contact the oral healthcare professionals at Burton Dentistry, located in Alexandria, where new patients are always welcome.

Burton Dentistry is trusted and highly recommended in pediatric dentistry, as well as other treatments and procedures in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

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