Panorex in Alexandria, VA

There are so many tools that a dentist has at their disposal to help patients get their teeth back to ideal health or to keep their teeth healthy. The x-ray is one of the most utilized tools of a dentist. The x-ray can give a dentist a lot of important information. Taking the x-ray to a grander scale is the Panorex. At Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, VA, our staff routinely uses Panorex x-rays to help discover possible issues in a patient’s mouth including problems associated with the bite, tooth eruptions, and the TMJ joint. Thanks to Panorex x-rays, we are able to serve our patients more comprehensively.

What Do X-Rays Tell Dentists?

The dentist can extract a lot of information from an x-ray. The first piece of information that is very important to the dentist are the roots of the teeth. This tells the dentist how healthy the tooth is. The longer the roots, the more secure the tooth. Next, the dentist will look at the structure of the tooth. This is where they can find out if some issues may relate to decay, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Finally, if there is an infection in the pulp or other internal issues in the tooth, they will stick out for the dentist, allowing the dentist to recommend the proper course of treatment. Panorex takes the use of x-rays to a higher level.

How is Panorex Different?

Panorex is a panorama of the mouth, and it shows everything that is in your mouth or near your mouth, including your sinus cavities along with the TMJ joint. The Panorex is also great for allowing dentists to see how teeth are erupting for children, and if there needs to be space made so a tooth can come in correctly. If there are problems with the joint and other functions of the mouth, this x-ray reveals all these issues.

Getting a Panorex is a standard part of any dental treatment, make an appointment today with Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, VA so you can get your teeth healthy.

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