Orthodontics in Alexandria, VA

Here at Burton Dentistry, we work to provide you and your family with the best orthodontic care in Alexandria and the surrounding area.

For most patients, to have orthodontic treatment becomes necessary for them to achieve that brilliant smile they have so long desired. Orthodontic treatments will improve the looks of malpositioned or crooked teeth and shift them toward a straighter, more visually pleasing position.

Having an orthodontic treatment plant carried out will not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but it will correct the way you bite, increase the performance and functionality of your teeth for speaking and eating while it creates that well-aligned but beautiful smile.

Orthodontic braces at one time were used on teens and pre-teens, but now they are popular for the adult. It is not too late for improving your smile. The demand for straightening teeth has increased, but so has the options for fixing those crooked teeth. Patients now have so many choices in the area of braces.

Here at Burton Dentistry, we are your one-stop shop for getting that unique customized treatment plan in orthodontics. Our orthodontists here specialize in straightening teeth, braces, and correcting improper bites by using only the latest techniques and the best materials.

At Burton Dentistry we realize that convenience for our patients is critical. You can have your extractions, cleanings, teeth whitened and any other related treatments done here in our same offices.

Orthodontics focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of the misalignments of teeth and irregularities of the jaw by using braces, clear aligner devices, and any other appliances.

Not only for visual enhancement, but the field of orthodontics also works to improve the patient’s oral health for their entire lifetime, and it can help with speech issues. With a properly aligned bite, it makes it easier to smile, eat and speak!

Orthodontic treatment with the use of braces will usually take anywhere from six to thirty months, and it all depends on age, treatment method used, and severity of alignment issues.

The most common problems seen for fixing with braces are the underbites, spacing issues, overcrowding, and overbites.

Many orthodontic problems, often start from a genetic factor but can also be made worse by environmental factors like thumb or finger sucking, but it must be diagnosed before the treatment ever begins. Your orthodontist will take x-rays, photographs, and dental impressions; all of which are painless diagnostics that enable your orthodontist and you in making what treatment is best for you.

Whatever we do, we want to make you smile! Let us at Burton Dentistry work with you in achieving that stunning smile you have always deserved.

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