Mouth Guards in Alexandria

There are many reasons people need mouth guards. Mouth guards are a key appliance for preserving dental health. One reason someone may need a mouth guard is due to teeth grinding. This is a problem because teeth grinding can result in more serious dental injuries. An astute dentist with a lot of experience like those found at Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, VA, can recognize the signs of teeth grinding early on and help patients get the sturdy mouth guards needed to avoid further dental problems.

Why is Teeth Grinding Such a Big Problem?

The reason why teeth grinding is such a problem for people is because the action usually occurs when people are asleep or when they are not paying attention. Teeth grinding wears down the enamel of the tooth. This protective layer is what prevents bacteria and other problems from taking hold on the teeth. Regular brushing with proper enamel care is critical to keeping teeth healthy. However, teeth grinding accelerates the process of bacteria getting into the teeth and can result in big problems such as infections of the dental pulp, which creates the need for a root canal and a dental crown. Worse yet, after you get appliances like crowns, the grinding can spread to other teeth and wear down the crowns. That’s why having a dentist recognize the signs of teeth grinding is vital to preserving dental health.

How Would I Get a Mouth Guard?

The way to get a mouth guard is simple – when you come into the office and get evaluated, we will take an impression of your teeth. Once the impression is taken, we send it out to the lab, and the lab sends back a mouth guard. These mouth guards are designed to last for a few years, so the key is to not lose it.

If you are worried about grinding your teeth, give Burton Dentistry in Alexandria a call today.

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