Tooth Extraction in Alexandria

When a problem arises with a tooth, dentists will always try to save the tooth. There are a ton of different ways to save the tooth and avoid an extraction. Dentists are able to save teeth a lot more often than they are not. However, there are cases when the tooth is long past being able to be saved. This is when dental extractions are done. Dentists do not like having to extract teeth, but when a tooth needs to be extracted, the professionals at Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, VA will make sure the process for the patient is as easy and painless as possible.

Why Would a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

The reason why a tooth would need to be extracted is that the tooth is no longer able to stay in the mouth for a variety of reasons. For example, when the tooth actually puts the rest of the mouth in a potentially harmful position. Many times, this is due to an infection. One of the biggest reasons people end up having teeth extracted is periodontal disease. This is when the gum tissue is no longer able to support the teeth. There are other issues, too. If the tooth is infected or if the tooth has suffered a trauma like breaking and is unable to be repaired, the best course of action is for the tooth to be removed. There are a lot of prosthetic options that can be introduced after healing.

How Do Tooth Extractions Work?

The first thing any dentist will do is to make sure to numb the area. Oral conscious sedation, laughing gas, or in some offices, general anesthesia is used. Once that happens, if the tooth is easy to pull, the dentist will gently pull it out. In more difficult cases, the dentist will drill the tooth in half and take the halves out. Recovery at that point is pretty simple.

If you are worried about a problematic tooth, give us a call at Burton Dentistry in Alexandria, VA. We will do everything possible to save your tooth.

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