Orthodontics Are for Patients of All Ages

Jun 20, 2019

One of the biggest orthodontic myths is that the treatment protocol is for children or teenagers only. It’s easily understood how that myth got started since most teeth straightening occurs in patients within those age groups. But now, with the advanced and varied types of orthodontic treatments, even adults are getting the benefits of an improved smile!

Who Can Use Orthodontic Treatments?

Although traditional metal braces are typically reserved for extreme teeth straightening in younger patients, they have also been successfully used to treat older patients. But what adults prefer more than this traditional method is a more subtle way to improve their smile with the help of either clear dental aligners or ceramic braces – both of which are less visible as a dental treatment than traditional braces.

The Benefits of an Orthodontic Plan

Having an orthodontic treatment plan carried out will not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but it has added benefits, too. Straighter teeth will correct the way you bite, increase the performance and functionality of your teeth when speaking and eating, and create a well-aligned and beautiful smile.

Retainers for Any Age

Like other orthodontic treatments in Alexandria, dental retainers have made advancements in their materials and treatment protocol in recent years. Both the fixed retainer and the removable retainer — used to prevent teeth from shifting – ensure that newly straightened teeth remain in place for years to come.

The Takeaway for Adult Patients Interested in Dental Aligners in Alexandria, VA

If you’re an adult who has lost confidence because of your smile, there’s an easy fix for that from Burton Dentistry. Whether you have crooked teeth or other misalignments, modern orthodontia treatments are available to you. And with many of the treatment options being either virtually invisible or removable, you can keep your smile makeover a secret! Do you have a monthly meeting that you need to attend? No worries with an invisible aligner! Do you have a family reunion coming up? No worries with a clear aligner! Whether your smile concerns are as a result of underbites, spacing issues, overcrowding, or overbites, there’s an orthodontic treatment in Alexandria that’s right for you!

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