How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Nov 01, 2021

Are you concerned with tooth discoloration because your teeth have a yellowish hue to prevent you from smiling before everyone? Are you wondering how to get rid of yellow teeth? Tooth discoloration is not a new phenomenon and is relatively standard among many people. The foods you have, beverages you consume, and aging all play a role in tooth discoloration. Some factors beyond your control also contribute to the discoloration you observe. Whether you have developed yellow teeth from foods and beverages or other factors, getting rid of them is a minor challenge requiring you to contemplate various measures you can use to have a whiter and brighter smile.

Reasons for Developing Yellow Teeth

Before considering any remedy to whiten your teeth, wouldn’t you want to understand the causes of yellowing your teeth? We suggest you know the reasons behind the yellowing to ensure you seek an appropriate remedy to brighten them.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

When you consume beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine, your teeth discolor significantly, besides acidic drinks like soda, fruit juices, and certain vegetables that can also leave behind yellow teeth.

If you are a user of tobacco products like cigarettes containing teeth staining particles that adhere to the macroscopic ridges of tooth enamel, you can expect the particles to accumulate and spin your teeth, with the discoloration becoming prominent and challenging to remove with time.

Coffee and cigarettes undoubtedly stain your teeth. However, your tooth enamel, the hard outer surface over your teeth, can also make them appear yellow. Beneath the enamel lies dentin which is pale brown. When your tooth enamel is thick, your teeth appear white. However, when the enamel thins with age or the acids from the foods and beverages you have, it allows the dentin to show through, giving your teeth a yellowish appearance.

Some medical conditions like xerostomia leaving you with a dry mouth can damage your teeth and give them a yellowish hue because your mouth doesn’t produce sufficient saliva to rinse away food shreds and offset the acids generated by plaque. You can also develop yellow teeth from excessive fluoride intake during childhood.

The reasons described can make you wonder whether yellow teeth removal is possible and, if so, what remedies you must select to achieve your dream of having whiter teeth.

Yellow Teeth Removal Remedies

Finding remedies for yellow teeth removal isn’t as challenging as you imagine but finding a suitable treatment for the condition undoubtedly is.

Browsing through the aisles of your neighborhood drugstore or supermarket exposes you to hundreds of yellow teeth removal treatments claiming they can deliver effective results in a few days, weeks, or hours. Unfortunately, most remedies available over-the-counter are whitening agents unsuitable for removing yellow stains on your teeth. They either contain abrasive agents that can damage your tooth enamel if used frequently. Other remedies contain lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solutions that don’t work efficiently if you want a brighter smile for a special occasion. Therefore which treatment can you seek to brighten your teeth quickly?

Professional Teeth Whitening Optimal to Deliver Instant Results

If you want instant results, there is no better treatment than the one the dentist in Alexandria, VA, provides. You may dislike dental visits and the higher prices you have to pay for their services. However, if you value your smile and need instant results, you must consider in-office teeth whitening treatments provided by dentists that can whiten your teeth significantly in one hour.

You can achieve your goal of having whiter teeth for the occasion or event you are planning for if you visit teeth whitening Alexandria for professional in-office teeth whitening. First, the dentist evaluates your teeth and gums to determine whether the whitening treatment suits your needs. You also receive a dental cleaning to ensure plaque and tartar buildup are not causing the yellowing of your teeth. After you go through the preventive measures, the dentist protects your mouth’s soft tissues, applies concentrated hydrogen peroxide over your teeth, and leaves the ingredients over them for about 60 minutes. Dentists also use ultraviolet light to accelerate the whitening process delivering noticeably whiter teeth at the end of the hour.

You can also request at-home teeth whitening remedies from the dentist to maintain the results of the whitening treatment you receive in the office. Professional teeth whitening from a dentist is an excellent method to whiten your teeth and remove the ungainly stains that hamper your smile. However, you benefit better if you avoid or limit the foods, drinks, and tobacco products that leave you with discoloration because it prevents the need for expensive whitening treatments from dentists.

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