Emergency Orthodontics: What to Do When You Can't Get to Your Orthodontist

Jul 01, 2023

While orthodontic emergencies aren’t that common, it’s great to know what to do if they happen. Knowing will help you ease anxiety, worry, or panic in the event of an emergency. While there are orthodontic issues that one can quickly fix at home, there are those that will require you to visit an emergency dentist near you.

Orthodontic Emergencies

It is good to discuss steps you can take in case of an emergency during your orthodontist treatment. Orthodontic emergencies include:

Traumatic Injuries

You can sustain an injury to your mouth caused by a blow during an accident or sports activity. Usually, these blows could cause severe damage and require a quick dentist visit. Go straight to the emergency room if you have sustained a cut or bleeding heavily in your mouth for stitches. Equally, if you have sustained a head injury or a concussion for treatment. Some traumatic injuries may include:

  • Cracked tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Gum injury
  • Lost tooth

Bring the lost tooth or part of your tooth to the emergency dentist if possible. Handle the tooth with care and avoid rinsing it or washing it. You can preserve it by carrying in your mouth next to the cheek or soaking it in milk or saliva. Make sure it remains moist at all times. The dentist may re-implant the tooth if you present it within an hour.

Broken Brackets

You may break or loosen your brackets if you downplay the dentist’s warning about complex taco cells, nuts, or popcorn. While the adhesives used to bond the brackets are strong, they can’t defy the law of physics and geometry. If your brackets are broken:

  • Push the wire back into the moral tube using a disinfected cotton swab.
  • Place a wax ball at the end of the wire to protect your gums.
  • With the help of a family member or mirror, trim the bracket using a clean, disinfected nail clipper to a comfortable length.
  • Contact your dentist for an appointment

Mouth Sores or Ulcers

When you first get your braces or after an adjustment may get ulcerations or sores inside your lips or cheeks. This is because your mouth tissues may get irritated by the braces. While the sores may be painful, they will disappear quickly. To avoid this, the dentist may provide you with a wax that you will place over your brackets. However, if the sores remain persistent, visit an orthodontist near you. To mitigate the emergency,

  • Avoid touching the sores with your fingers
  • Take the prescribed over-the-counter medication prescribed by the dentists

Lost Rubber Bands

Rubber bands control the bite problems such as underbites, overbites, and crossbites. The rubber bands are placed across the teeth at certain angles. Rubber bands are usually removed and replaced throughout the treatment; however, if lost, you should replace them by visiting your dentist in Alexandria.

Broken Retainer

If your retainer has broken, avoid wearing it and contact the dentist’s office near you. Retainers help retain your teeth straight and healthy. Failure to wear a retainer may cause a rein lapse in your orthodontic treatment. However, a broken retainer may improperly apply force on your teeth and lead to an incorrect shift.

Swallowed an Appliance

If you have swallowed a piece of your orthodontic appliance, immediately go to the nearest emergency room.If the piece was aspirated or inhaled into your lungs, you may experience excessive coughing and breathing troubles. However, there are chances that the piece may pass through your digestive system without any medical issues.

Stuck Food Particles

While this may not usually lead to calling an emergency dentist, the stuck food particles may fail to get rid of after several attempts. This could be avoided if you discontinue eating hard or chewy food. Tips to get the food particles out include:

  • Drinking water and swishing it around your mouth.
  • Flossing your teeth. You may tie the floss into a small knot to assist.
  • Use an interproximal brush which is long and thin, to help you clean between your teeth and braces. If you can’t brush, use a toothpick. Ensure you don’t pole or injure your gums during the process.

Contact our Burton Dentistry immediately if you experience any orthodontic emergencies. Remember to stay calm during the experience. Our orthodontic team will help you solve any emergency once you are at our office.

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