Burton Dentistry Explains the Process of Panorex

Dec 01, 2019

Any issues with the bones require an x-ray for diagnosis. Similarly, your teeth need an image to clarify the problems you might have. Dental x-rays are the most authentic source for diagnosing your oral problems. Any misalignment, cracked, or chipped teeth are easily identified with x-rays.

Technology has taken a step ahead in advancements. With the progress in technology, dentistry has introduced a better version of x-rays. Panorama images were introduced for selfies. Dentistry adopted the idea of panorama results and now x-rays have been panoramic too. These x-rays are called panorex x-rays. These can help your dentist identify problems like cavities, decay, and impacted teeth.

Why Are Dental X-Rays Performed

Panorex x-rays are performed yearly if there are no oral problems. You can have them anytime you want. It depends upon the situation of your teeth. Maybe the teeth ache so much that you feel a dire need of panorex.

Some factors influence panorex teeth. These factors could be:

  • The age of the patient
  • The oral health of the patient
  • Any signs of oral diseases
  • If the patient has any gingivitis or tooth decay

Children need more panorex x-rays than adults because dentists need to check their dental growth.

What Problems Are Identified By Panorex

Panorex can identify some specific problems which are difficult to diagnose from traditional x-rays. Some of these problems could be:

  • Any tooth decay
  • Any tooth infections
  • Hyperdontia
  • Hypodontia
  • Givititis

Regular panorex x-rays can help you identify these problems earlier. Do not let any of these issues endanger your future.

Do Dental X-Rays Have Types

Yes, there are two types of dental x-rays; intraoral x-rays extraoral x-rays.

  • The intraoral x-rays are the most common type of x-rays to be performed. It helps dentists identify cavities, the health of the root, and the jawbone.
  • The extraoral x-rays mainly focus on the skull and the jaw. The details are not complete but intraoral provides all the necessary details.

How Do Dentists Prepare for Panorex

Panorex Alexandria, VA performs panorex through the orthopantomogram procedure. The two-sided x-ray machine where one has the x-ray tube and the other containing film or the detector. The tubes are positioned at a 180-degree angle and rotate to capture the complete image of your head. Your head and chest will be properly positioned with the help of some support. Your head should not move if you want a clear image or result. The machine can be adjusted as per need. You can stand and get the process completed. People in wheelchairs can benefit from this technology as well. Just wait in the right position for 10-20 seconds and you are free to go. The traditional dental x-rays require at least two minutes. Panorex requires a few seconds only.

The Things to Consider Before a Panorex

For a panorex, your dentist may demand a few things. This is an important part. Be careful during this. Read this thoroughly as well. This is an advanced technology digital mechanism and needs some special care. Here are a few things that your dentist might demand.

  • Keep all metallic objects like jewelry aside. These objects can be a hurdle while taking the x-ray.
  • Protect the rest of the body from radiation exposure. Wear lead to cover the body during the process.
  • Keep your mouth slightly open by biting something.

Is It Safe to Have Panorex

The technique involves radiation but the quantity is low. Moreover, the dentist will use the necessary safety measures to protect the rest of the body. For the eyes, you may use spectacle and wear lead aprons to cover the other part of the body. This procedure can be performed on any age group. From infants to baby boomers, there is no harm until you are cautious.

The traditional x-rays or impressions require material to be kept in the mouth. This is more dangerous because swallowing harmful elements is easier. Panorex is performed externally. Once or twice a year is fine.

The only people who should avoid panorex are pregnant women. Even the slightest radiation is harmful to them. You must keep this in mind that not just panorex but also any other procedure that involves radiation, has to be avoided.

The dentists at Burton Dentistry are perfect for the job. Our dentists and dental assistants first discuss everything with the patient. If you are satisfied then we will perform panorex in Alexandria, VA. Otherwise, it is not an option for us.

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