An Introduction to Some of The Common Oral Surgeries

Sep 01, 2019

The significance of mouth in our body is Inexplicable. It helps in breaking down the food, speech articulation and appearance. A healthy mouth can give you a healthy body. So it is very important to administer a certain level of care. One should regularly ensure oral health and undergo oral surgery whenever it is required.

Oral surgery is the surgical procedure that will solve all your oral problems including the ones related to mouth, jaws, and teeth. One of the best and experienced teams of oral surgery dentist having specialization and the one on which you can completely rely is Burton Dentistry. The compassionate and experienced team is well-known for its oral surgery techniques.

Common Types of Oral Surgery

Here is a list of the most common oral surgeries for improving your oral health:

1.      Tooth Implants: It is the most common and long term treatment available to replace a missing tooth. People who lose their teeth due to accident or infection can undergo this dental surgery. To provide a strong foundation and stability to both existing and new teeth, a metal post is implanted into the jawbone. This implant surgery gives a natural-looking artificial tooth.

2.      Biopsies: Oral Cancer is usually not detected easily. It is recommended by every dentist to undergo Biopsies if there is a lesion in your mouth and if you are suspicious of tumour. Collecting a tissue from the mouth as a sample to test oral cancer is sent to the lab. After proper analysis, if the tumour is found it can be cured by medication but most of the time it can only be removed through oral surgery.

3.      Jaw Surgery: It is a part of the orthodontic branch of oral health and deals with teeth and jaw-related irregularities that individuals suffer. Alignment of your jaws, if it is not proper, can affect both the appearance as well as function. This can cause serious problems for oral health. It is necessary to undergo this surgery to realign and improve the jawbones. In most of the cases, it is recommended to have braces before you go for surgery which will improve the person’s bite. Generally, surgery is done after the growth of teeth stops that is approximately 14-16 years in females and 17-21 years in males.

4.      Sleep Apnea Treatment: It is a serious sleep disorder in which the upper airway gets blocked and breathing frequently stops and starts during sleep. It can be treated both by proper medication and through surgery. It is highly recommended to undergo a surgical treatment if it is caused by a jaw problem or oropharynx. The excess tissues are removed from the back of the mouth/ throat in the surgical treatment in order to reduce the symptoms significantly.

5.      Root Canal Treatment: Treatment of some dental problems can be done with the root canal. This treatment is also known as Endodontic treatment. This treatment is designed to repair and save the natural tooth by removing bacteria from decayed and infected nerve (root or pulp) rather than removing the entire tooth. Without treatment, nearby tissue of the tooth will form abscesses and become infected.

6.      Tooth Extraction: There are several reasons why tooth extraction is necessary like Infection, crowded mouth, risk of infection. Some teeth cannot be repaired through the root canal if the nerve is itself dead or too badly damaged. So it becomes important to extract the tooth to get better oral health.

Oral Surgery is a safe and effective procedure in treating several forms of dental problems. Burton Dentistry is a specialist in oral surgery and has an efficient team of experts to provide the best surgical treatment. To get the best results, visit the best oral surgery dentist at Burton Dentistry and get relief from all your oral discomfort.

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